Everything has a story. To be shared. To be heard. Before it’s lost.

Dickman Media Group (DMG) creates access to those stories, to information that enhances knowledge, provides resources and increases insight. We capture them and amplify them through various pathways, ensuring the right content is available at the right time, through the right gateway.

Megan Dickman-Renard | CEO of Dickman Media Group

Megan Dickman is the CEO & Publisher of The Business News and the CEO of Dickman Media Group. She is deeply involved in various areas of the communications and technology fields, including print, digital, audio, and visual media.

Divisions of Dickman Media Group

Storytelling/Presentation Coaching

Storytelling coaching and presentation mechanics with a focus on the intersection between business and the storytelling mindset. Offers guidance on storyboarding, story building and storytelling.